Tesla energy

tesla energy

Fountain of life lost in nature.

“Our  mind, our body and our whole planet are much greater mystery than we can ever imagine”

Shri Aurobindo.

Our connection with the earth is vital. It is through this connection deep inside the earth that  we access through our bodies the greatest magic of the whole universe. This cosmic  mystery  is alive conscious energy which Ricahrd Wilhelm calls Meaning, Chinese Tao, 

Christians God, Buddhists Emptiness, Quantum Scientists Vacuum and Tesla Energy Ether.

In my previous article i wrote about  two channel Reiki and how, by using two channels ascending and descending we connect to the earth and to the sky. We draw energy from the earth recycle it through our body and send it up to heavens, from where it comes back down to us transformed and renewed.

This concept of  never ending renewable  energy is the main topic of research and base of Nikola Tesla energy work.  According to his theory, the energy and everything else is made of vibrations that pulsate at various frequencies. This energy is actually the space in which we live, in which our planet, stars and the whole cosmos exists.  The Ancient ones, like Heraclitus, Pythagoras and Tesla called it Ether.  So in effect ether is nothing else but a space  of conscious energy that fills and envelopes everything. More precisely it is space /time continuum wave without beginning and end,  not measured by time nor space, in which things move faster than light. 

Unfortunately modern mathematics and physics rejected totally this concept  of energy properties, and Albert Einstein  with the help of his Serbian wife Mila  Einstein took out  from modern physics and mathematics the notion of ether.  So Energy became limited by space and time.   

it is interesting to note that many modern scientist, philosophers and psychoanalysts  secretly supported the notion  of indestructible unlimited omnipresent theory of energy, but because of the fear of being discredited   kept the appearance of following the modern  science. This is the case of Newton, Carl Jung, Mark Twain and many others. Tesla is the one of the few who  was not afraid and stood his ground and because of this, his theories and most of his work was ignored for a long time. 

Carl Jung published his “Red Book” only after his death, for  exactly in his words “ fear of being discredited  as the serious psychoanalyst”  One of the most poetic and beautiful translation of “ Smaragd Tablets, ( 35,000 years old Emerald Tablets ), is done by Newton himself, emphasizing their alchemical  and etheric nature.   Mark Twain  also  wrote  short novel about, Angles, Energy and role that Ether plays in the realm of Alchemy.  The novel “The mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain.” was only  published after his death.  It is beloved that, this not so well know novel, was modeled according to the life and the  work  of his dear freind Nikola Tesla.

So after the death of Carl Jung, his famous Red Book got published.  In this book Carl Jung gives enormous importance  to  concepts of Energy, Ether and phenomena of meaningful Synchronicity. “ Synchronicity  CG Jung with the forwarding by Swami Shamdeasani , editor of the Red Book”.

According to Jung, or Tesla or today well respected Serbian philosopher and the most knowledgable person about Tesla work  Velimir Abramovic, our Intents, Thoughts and  physical Causalities, are connected thought  this Indestructible omnipresent energy, space  (Ether) in which time and distance are  perceived as one. 

This  Space / Ether, indestructible ever renewable Energy envelops everything through  continuous scalar electromagnetic wave, which is everywhere at the same time.  It penetrates   everything and  because it does not encounter anywhere any obstacles or resistance, it is faster than light.

In classical  modern physics, time and space are separate unites, and as so, the phenomena of synchronicity is perceived as random effect.

But in Pythagorean Mathematics, Jungian World, Spasoje Vlajic theory of meaning, and Teslian  technology of Ether, where energy is treated without distance and time, Meaningful Synchronicity is inevitable. This opens doors to incredible possibilities which can help spiritual development of humankind  to move leaps and bounds forward.  The practical implications of this  phenomena  can be vast in the domain of Technology, Medicine and Internet. 

In the next article I will explore into more details  what it could really happen if we just for a moment shift our point of view and start looking at the world from the different  paradigm?  What it could happen if we just for the split of the second accept  the possibility that everything in our universe is made up of vibrations, that everything is alive and that everything is connected and communicates through the common language of vibrational frequencies.   

Tesla Rei

Tesla Rei, what is?

“If you want perfect health, think about vibrational energy  and through prayer or meditation establish perfect  harmonious  rhythm  between electromagnetic pulsation of your body and electromagnetic waves of the Earth.”

Nikola Tesla

Fam Rei Academy in the month of July  gave a series of conferences  and seminars in  Reiki, Tibetan Practices  and  Tesla Rei Vibrational Medecine which promote this notion of  perfect health.

Tesla Rei is the new seminar based on vibrational pulsations of the body. It is an ancient method of healing developed in Tibet, but passed down to our civilization from Laeni or Atlatian Civilization.

It is a simple technique involving vibrational stimulation of 48 major energy points, vortexes, which connect 12  human organs and support seven endocrine vital functioning of the whole body.

The underline goal of the practice is synchronized harmonization of electromagnetic cellular pulsations of your body with electromagnetic vibrations of the earth.  This is accomplished by first creating resonance between two different points on your body and so allowing the unobstructed harmonious energy  flow through all meridians. Similar effect is obtained  during Tibetan and Reiki Practices and through deep Tibetan Meditation. This first step harmonizes electromagnetic energy of your cells. We know that our cells emit electromagnetic waves , and that thought these  scalar  electromagnetic waves they communicate with each other with   very primitive basic intelligence.

Second step is bringing electromagnetic energy of your cells into synchronized rhythm  with electromagnetic energy of the Earth. We know about  “ power point of the earth, Grand Canyon  or Sedona and many other powerful places.  Now, we teach  how to create these power points, by connecting with your Mental Energy  by using the power of conscious Intend. Once these power points have been created, we can connect with their high   electromagnetic frequencies and synchronize those vibrations  with electromagnetic pulsations of our cells.

We have all heard about great concentric circles appearing in different parts of the world, like Great Britain, Eastern Europe,  Sahara,  Central America,  Philippines etc… They represent very strong electromagnetic vibrational fields of these particular places on our planet Earth. It has been know for centuries that these  electromagnetic scalar vibrational waves have very  beneficial effect on human health, but it is only last year that this phenomena has been scientifically proven.  The 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine was rewarded to 4 American Doctors who studied this effect which they identified and called “ Circadian Rhythm”. By this rhythm they mean harmonization of electromagnetic pulsations of our cells with electromagnetic vibrational frequencies of the Earth.

They also discovered a particular gene not known until now, which they called  “Period”

When Circadian rhythm happens, and electromagnetic energy of our cells and electromagnetic vibrations of the earth are in sync, the newly discovered gene “ period” becomes active and stimulates our cells to  start producing special amino acids and proteins which help repair cellular structure and regenerate our DNA.

It is interesting to notice that  already  as early as 1900, Nikola Tesla, famous Serbian scientist, talked a lot about this phenomena and during his life time created special  Medical Devices and Generators which help to increase human energy. They  are based on  harmonization and synchronization of electromagnetic vibrational  pulsation of our cells, with scalar electromagnetic vibrational waves of the earth, known as Schumann’s  resonance. These Devices not only help to heal physical an emotional  problems, but also help to repair our DNA.

We were very fortunate that thanks to the group of Serbian Scientist  and Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, we were able to use these  scalar electromagnetic Generators and Medical Devices  during Fam Rei Reki, Tibetan Practices and Tesla Rei seminars and conferences. The effects  and end results were astonishing and amazing.

Tesla Rei
Tesla Rei Seminar in Belgrade, May 2018.

In my next week article i will talk more about these Tesla generators, as well as more about Tesla Rei Vibrational Medecine and Reiki  and Tibetan Practices and Teachings.

Fam Rei Academy for healing

The newly discovered Higgs Boson energy, currently studied in Cern appears to be the same Energy that Nikola Telsa discovered many years ago . This “ Nonhertzwave Energy” as Nikola Tesla called it, is the same Energy that we use in Fam Rei Academy for healing.

Higgs Boson particle, also called “God cell” is the particle that gives all matter its mass. It is a subatomic particle that defies gravitational force and that is responsible for all physical forces and manifestations.
In Old Atlantean, Laeni Civilization this particle was called Aikini, and its non gravitational energy was not only used for healing but also for building the pyramids.

In Fam Rei Academy we use three types of energies. First is Fam Rei, liner energy, Ta Rei turbulent dynamic energy and Mental Energy which moves in electro dynamic waves. This frequency based Tesla Rei wave produces fully conscious non gravitational energy that heals and creates physical manifestations.

In my next post I will talk more about healing aspect of this energy.