Electromagnetic Vibrations

Electromagnetic Vibrations

electromagnetic vibrations

Human DNA is composed of three basic components, Carbon oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen. We know that of all 64 DNA double helixes possible combinations, our bodies use only less than 1/2 of these DNA combinations.

Of course the big mystery is why are we not using all of 64 DNA combinations, since we have the base for all of them. Tibetan Legend claims that our human race is the 5the race of our manifestation. We existed previously as Neani, (Hyperboreans, similar to todays Dolphins), Fellini,( Phoenixes), Lemurs ( Dragons ), Laens )and now as Aryans , (Humans ) . Is it possible that at one point of our existence, we had all of these 64 DNA combinations, activated, or are they here as possibilities to be activated in the future races.?
Modern medicine believed for a long time that our genetic DNA code is fixed and that we cannot change it, but now everything is pointing out that this is not so. “ Supper Gene” and “Super Brain” , books by Deepak Chapra and Dr. Rudolph Tanzi, clearly prove that we are are not victims of our DNA, and that we have ability to avoid many genetic predispositions.

If this is so, what is the mechanism and how does this transformation happen?

I mentioned in previous article the holographic transformational ability of our cells, to regenerate themselves . ( Nobel price 2016 in Physiology award to Japanese micro biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi.)
Also in another article I talked about synchronization of electromagnetic energy of the earth with electromagnetic energy of our cells. Our body has an internal built in inner mechanism, which when the two energies are in harmony triggers the gene “Period” . This newly found gene stimulates the production of certain amino acids and proteins, which helps your cells to regenerate and heal. ( Nobel price for medicine 2017, “Circadian Rhythm”.

Now I would like to explore more, what is the nature of this inner mechanism, that allows for this process of healing to happen.
This inner technology built within our bodies is powered by our emotions.

There is a belief that there are only two major Feelings on the opposite spectrum of emotions, Love and Fear. From the negative side of feelings we have emotions like Worry, Anger, Despair, Sadness, Pretense and Fear, but fear is underlined feeling of all negative emotions. Positive emotions vibrate at hight frequencies, as we saw in the previous article the magic note 528, frequency of Love.

Now, the synchronization of electromagnetic vibrations of our cells, with electromagnetic vibrations of the earth, happens throughout our heart. Our heart acts as a very large liquid crystal oscillator.
All the feelings, which originate from the mental plane are felt in our brain, but in order to be manifested as emotions, they have to go through our heart. And this is precisely the beauty of our inner built technology that has almost an alchemical ability. We use Mental Energy to construct well meaning “Thought Forms or Intents “ from the Mental Plane. These thought forms or Intent pass through our heart to be manifested and transformed into our present reality.
This whole process is so well described in 35,000 years old Smaragd, Emerald tablet, byThoth, the hight priest of Laeni, Atlantian civilization, which is the origin of ancient Egyptian culture.

In the next article I will talk more about Vibrations of Emerald Tablets and their interpretations by Newton and Thoth.