Fam Rei Academy for healing

Fam Rei Academy for healing

The newly discovered Higgs Boson energy, currently studied in Cern appears to be the same Energy that Nikola Telsa discovered many years ago . This “ Nonhertzwave Energy” as Nikola Tesla called it, is the same Energy that we use in Fam Rei Academy for healing.

Higgs Boson particle, also called “God cell” is the particle that gives all matter its mass. It is a subatomic particle that defies gravitational force and that is responsible for all physical forces and manifestations.
In Old Atlantean, Laeni Civilization this particle was called Aikini, and its non gravitational energy was not only used for healing but also for building the pyramids.

In Fam Rei Academy we use three types of energies. First is Fam Rei, liner energy, Ta Rei turbulent dynamic energy and Mental Energy which moves in electro dynamic waves. This frequency based Tesla Rei wave produces fully conscious non gravitational energy that heals and creates physical manifestations.

In my next post I will talk more about healing aspect of this energy.


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