Grandmaster Seminar

Grandmaster Seminar

Grandmaster degree is 10 days seminar offered in Places of Power Tibetan Priestly Practices V and VI as well as Reiki VIII and IX are only

offered as Seminars in Class or during the Grandmaster Seminar in places of Power. as part of Grandmaster program.

The grandmaster Program Includes the following courses:

  1. Opening of the Chakras
  2. Reiki I
  3. Reiki II
  4. Reiki III
  5. Reiki IV /V
  6. Reiki VI / VII
  7. Reiki VIII
  8. Reiki IX
  9. Tibetan Priestly Practices I / VI
  10. Overcoming Tragic Karma, Regression Therapy

The time and the place when and in which place of power Grandmaster seminars will be offered will be announced in our schedule.

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