Opening of the Chakras

Opening of the Chakras

Opening of the Chakras is a unique Tibetan initiation process for each Chakra, helping attune and develop your Chakra system. Increasing your Astral energy system leads to improving your physical and psycho-emotional conditions that seriously influence the quality of your life.

The majority of people have their Chakras open only 5% to 40%, when in fact everyone, without exception, can have their Chakras fully developed. First of all, we need to understand why it is important to have our Chakras developed. Opening of the Chakras is not the goal in itself. This is a unique support mechanism for developing different aspects of our life. As you develop your Chakra system you not only improve your health but also your emotional wellbeing. We must not forget that the development of the Chakra system is directly linked to the development of human abilities and possibilities. These new abilities are so extraordinary that we can almost call them supernatural.

People who practice yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and other types of Eastern healing arts know what it means to have your Chakras fully developed. If one of our chakras closes down we die. So you can imagine and understand what happens when you increase your Chakra functions.

Methods used during this seminar are a combination of meditative exercises and seven consecutive Chakra initiations.

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