Overcoming Tragic Karma

Overcoming Tragic Karma


Psychologists and scientists who study reincarnation have shown that events from our past lives can affect our present physical health, financial success, and many other aspects of our everyday lives. For instance, a person may have a fear of fire because he or she may have died in a fire in a previous life. Acrophobia (fear of flying) might mean that the person in one of his past lives fell into a precipice or crashed from a parachute. Problems in work or in love may be the result of events that happened many centuries ago.

Love issues, fear, or negative patterns of behavior always have primal roots in the past. These might be events that happened either in childhood, during embryonic development, or something that had a significant impact on us in our past lives. This cause and effect mechanism is called Karma.

Regression Therapy consists of a patient re-living, under the supervision of a therapist, memories that were blocked in the patient’s existing consciousness and kept in their subconscious.

After the patient relives the cause of the problem, the therapist separates him or her from the past condition and the problem disappears instantly. This therapy allows the client to understand relationships with certain people from past lives and see clearly how those past relationships affect his or her relationship with the same people in this life. This can help one resolve social conflicts and greatly improve personal relationships with certain people.

Today, Regression therapy for past lives is known as “Overcoming Tragic Karma” and is one of the most efficient and effective contemporary psychotherapies.

What are the personal benefits of Overcoming Tragic Karma?

In this seminar we will discuss the following topics:

  • Chain of failures
  • Feelings of anxiety, fear, depression and worries about the future
  • Feelings that you are not loved, that everyone and everything is against you, that you have been cursed
  • Issues of tension, stiffness, losing focus, and lack of energy
  • Feeling sleepy, dizzy, numbness in certain parts of the body
  • Feelings of living in fantasy
  • Feelings of not having a real life purpose
  • Fear of death, fear of madness
  • Claustrophobia, fear of water, fire, heights, flying and other fears and phobias
  • Sleep disorder and nightmares
  • Feelings of aggression or frequent mood swings
  • Intolerance towards certain people
  • Solitude and loneliness, or not having friends and family
  • Feelings of apathy and losing interest for life
  • Failing to overcome negative thoughts, self-punishment, tendencies towards sadomasochism
  • Workaholics not wanting to spend time with family
  • Problems in communicating with relatives
  • Feelings of bad luck both in personal and private life
  • Failures in everyday life, betrayal and bad communication skills
  • Inheritance of generational bad luck from your ancestors
  • Addiction problems such as gambling, alcoholism, drugs, smoking
  • Irresponsibility
  • Lack of spiritual goals in life
  • Stress, chronic fatigue
  • Sexual problems, impotency, lack of orgasm
  • Psycho-emotional disability to procreate
  • Chronic diseases
  • Negative behavior
  • Problems of self-acceptance and self-understanding

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