Tibetan priestly practices

Tibetan priestly practices

Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices derive from traditional Tibetan culture. The training consists of several levels.

First level includes: working with chakras, learning about a healthy nutritional system, working with sexual energy and learning how to practice Tibetan yoga and Tibetan fitness.

During this phase students learn how to work with two different types of Astral Energy.

The first Astral Energy Fam Rei is our Chakra Energy. It is linear in nature and it is known in western culture as Reiki energy.

The second type of Astral energy is Ta Rei. This energy is turbulent and is both used and studied extensively during Tibetan Priestly Practices seminars. In essence, these two energies are completely different.

We are born with Chakra Energy and we use our own Chakra Energy and Astral Energy Fam Rei to heal. The second Astal Energy Ta Rei we learn how to use during Ancient Priestly Practices training.

The first and most important thing you go through during this seminar is Astral Transformation. This Astral Transformation creates a completely new system of inner Astral Organs. These are four new astral organs. After this Astral Transformation, one develops new abilities, which many call “super powers.” These powers have limitless possibilities. One example of the potential possibilities is the development of telepathy, and the ability to interact with cell intelligence. These newly acquired Astral Organs can lead to the complete transformation of the physical body.

In addition, one also learns the Art of Vibrational Massage which enhances the health and wellness of a person.

Students who have taken Tibetan Priestley Practices Seminar often say the following:

Before we went through this Astral Transformation, we were under the impression that we were advancing in our practices.  We were learning different skills, such as Reiki, yoga, meditation, martial arts, etc. and we received a lot of useful information. However, we could not go beyond a certain level, and everything beyond these limits remained inaccessible to us. Something was missing. But, once we completed the Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices training, we received the direct ability to break through these limits. Indeed, when a person crosses over these limits, a wonderful new world is unveiled.


Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices 1

In this course you will learn:

  • How to set personal goals
  • How to achieve Astral Transformation
  • How to master the technique of telepathic communication
  • How to acquire the capacity to receive and send high vibrations at a distance
  • How to open new high vibration energy channels in the hands
  • How to develop a technique of Pranic breathing that increases life energy in cells, rejuvenating tissues and organs
  • How to master the Art of healing with vibrational techniques

Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices 2

In this course you will learn:

  • How to acquire special techniques for the “Mental programing of cells,” which are important for healing the physical body, the astral body, and the four astral organs.
  • Mental self-healing
  • How to develop unique, complex, therapeutic techniques from healing experiences of the Keepers of Knowledge who use telepathic, vibrational and mental influences
  • How to master the technique of passive regression, which stops negative karmic patterns and is the basic technique of Past Life Regression Therapy
  • The skill of Tibetan Vibrational Massage
  • How to set and resolve personal goals with the help of cellular intelligence

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Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices 3

– On the third level you will learn how to work in a group. Group work and group energy is always much stronger than individual energy.

You will learn how to work with Astral Body of the person and how to connect with his or hers psycho emotional states.

– For Tibetan Priestly Practices working in the group is very important. For the group energy to be effective we need at least 5 people. In the scripture Jesus said “ When two or three gather in my name there I am among them”. When we gather with common purpose, or Intent some magical transformations happen.

– At this level you will learn instead of the beam, how to create a Disc. Discs and beams are used when the thought forms do not need to be transported.

– You will learn how to work with Discs and thoughts that you have created.

Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices 4

– On the fourth level of Tibetan Priestly Practices you will continue to work in a group and you will also continue to work with Astral body of the person and his or hers psych emotional states.

– You will learn that psycho emotions can be divided into 4 groups that correspond to our 4 Astral Organs.

– We learn that each Astral Organ is connected to certain psycho emotional fields, that trigger your psycho emotional state of mind.

First Astral Organ controls:

  • Ego reactions
  • All Emotions
  • Anger
  • Hatred
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Pretense
  • Worries
  • Envy
  • Jealousy
  • And many other human emotions

Second Astral Organ controls:

  • Our ability to give and receive Love

Third Astral Organ controls:

  • Energetic metabolism
  • Our physical weight
  • sleep

– Fourth Astral Organ controls:
– Our sexual energy

– We learn what are elements ?

– All physical world, all matter is made of 4 elements, solid, liquid, gaseous and etheric states. The only difference is that for each different forms all four different states are distributed in different proportions.

– Elements have minds. In nature the minds of these elements are called Elemental’s Spirit.

– Four elements are:
– Solid – Spirit of solid – Gnome
– Liquid – Spirit of liquid – Windins
– Gas – Spirit of Gas- Sylpha
– Either – Spirit of Either – Salamanders , the finest element

– Elemental’s Spirit has intelligence but it is very primitive intelligence

– Elements only understand two states , Active condition and Passive condition.

– We will learn how to control the four elements how to activate them and calm them

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Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices 5 and 6

– At this level we learn in addition of creating beam and discs, how also to create domes. The difference is that we use Domes when thought forms need to be teleported at great distance.

– Form of our Intent is transported in a different place, town, city or country. Distance is not important. This happens when electromagnetic Energy of the Earth and our Astral Energy Ta Rei energy work together and when they are amplified. Teleportation is combination of electromagnetic energy of the Earth and our Astral Energy.
Tibetan Priestly Practices 5 and 6 do not only involve the group work but also include the connection with Egregore, powerful bodiless Masters. Egregore consists of bodiless beings that support the work of Ta Rei Energy.

– Tibetan Priestly Practices level 5 and 6 are the levels of Masters. They can not be taken On Line Seminars because they involve the work of the group and demand the participation of at least 5 students. They are taught during Seminars in person or during Grandmaster Program offered in the places of power.