Tibetan Meditations

Tibetan Meditations

Tibetan Meditations

What is Tibetan Meditations?

The union of the synchronization of electromagnetic energy of the earth with electromagnetic energy of our cells, opens the door to powerful new energy force which Tesla called non gravitational, faster than light energy, and Tibetan ancient scriptures identified as Mental Energy.

This energy is accessed during deep Tibetan Meditations, as well as during profound Energy healings.

As i have mentioned in some of previous articles Electromagnetic energy is energy of the earth, as well as the energy of our cells. Electromagnetic energy of our cells works in sync and rhythm with electromagnetic energy of the earth. Nobel price recipients of 2017 in medicine, called this phenomena “Circadian rhythm.”

The synchronization of electromagnetic energy of the earth with electromagnetic energy our cells, happens during deep Tibetan Meditations, or during profound Healings. According to Tesla scientific research as well as ancient alchemical theory of Emerald Tablets, when this synchronizations happiness, another finer energy emerges from this union. In Tibetan writings they call it Mental Energy.

All energies enter our body through Neuron System, which represents our Chakras. All Neuron Centers and Endocrine Glands, correspond to our Chakras. We can almost say that our physical body acts as the computer, and our Astral Body behaves as software. The communication between Physical and Astral Bodies goes through Chakras. This is the reason why we cannot be born as dogs or any other animal because it is different hardware.

Physical World is made of Atoms, while Astral and Mental worlds are made of infinitely smaller particulars in Laeni language called Aikinis. These very high frequency particles, are invisible to our senses, but as they slow down in vibrations they take the form of matter. We still do not totally understand the behavior of Aikinis. The closest that we know about this energy is from the experiments made a few years ago in Switzerland, which stunned the scientific world with the discovery of Higgs Boston particle, called “ God’s particle.” We right now know that these particles truly exist, but we know very little about their behavior.

The scientists Nikola Tesla talked a lot about these particles and about this energy and predicted that the science will discover it in this century. He mentioned that other ancient civilization knew about this new form of energy and that they used it freely. Atlantean Laeni civilization used this form of energy for building and creating everything, including the pyramids.

Today the closest that we have come to this technology is scalar electromagnetic wave energy of Nikola Tesla. He describes this energy as motor behind all physical and astral energy. It is a conscious force, which moves faster than light, which is anti gravitational and goes through everything.
According to Tibetan tradition this conscious energy is called Mental Energy. It is used in all Tibetan energy practices, such as Reiki, Tibetan Priestly Practices, and in all forms of energy healings and Tibetan Meditations.
We can say that scalar electromagnetic wave energy of Nikola Tesla is Mental Energy from the Mental plane of existence, used to support every Intent and every Thought Form in any energy healing practices or any Tibetan Meditation.

In the next article we will talk more how this force is manifested in our body and how it affects our Cells and our DNA.