Vibrations through medicine

Vibrations through medicine

All is energy, all is vibrations. If you want to think medicine of the future,  think Vibrational Medicine.

Nikola Tesla

As i mentioned before let’s for the moment consider the possibility that everything in the universe is alive and that it pulsates  at different  vibrational frequencies. These vibrational frequencies  are  building blocks for everything that  is manifested in physical reality.

So now we can ask the question what are vibrations, and what are frequencies?

Vibrations and Frequencies are part of the movement of Light. I am sure that there are thousand different scientific informations but for now  it is important to understand that these scalar spectrums of vibrational frequencies are  part of this Energy, called Light and that this Light is responsible for creation of our body as well as for all matter and life.

These spectrums of vibrations are also represented in music and different notes. For instance the undertone of Gregorian chants is the musical note Mi or frequency 528, whose sound creates harmony and peace. This note is also called Magic note. It is also used as main sound in Tibetan Lama’s horns.                                                  

They say that it is also the  key note of Da Vinci Code. Meaning that  528 is frequency of Compassion, and music composed of spectrum of scalar frequencies  of 528 creates the  universal  language of frequencies of Love.

On the other hand there are also sounds and frequencies that provoke disharmony and disorder. It is  believed   that Hitler was vey much aware of this phenomena and that he used the sounds of 844 frequency to create  hysteria and physical disharmony.

There is an ancient story that i believe to be true.  It happened in ancient times during the lifetime of one of the greatest scientist Pythagoras. In the bazar of the busy market two men got into horrible fight and they were at the point of killing each other when Pythagoras who was walking by took his flute and struck the perfect sound of the  528 frequency.  Everything stoped, the earth and the sky came together, men dropped their arms  and  you could not hear a beep from anybody in the crowd.  Pythagoras picked his flute and left, but two man, as well as the whole market including the people and the ground on which they were standing were forever changed.

Pythagoras profound knowledge of vibrational harmony, helped him to choose the perfect note that calmed and harmonized  not only men but also the earth, the sky  and at that moment the whole cosmos.

As in Pythagoras story, the art of vibrational healing is also the understanding of harmony of  vibrational  pulsations of our body, so that we can  produce the perfect note or the perfect vibrational pulsation, which will take way, pain and suffering and bring peace and harmony.

In the next article I will talk more how these vibrational pulsations, from mental plane and  astral world get manifested through feelings and emotions in our body to finally create our own physical reality.

Perfect vibration 528