Class Schedule

Class Schedule


                  Fam Rei Academy will offer Seminars  from  May 25 to 14,2018

                                                  Njegoseva 6. Beograd 

 1. Initiations of the Chakras and  Fam Rei Reiki levels I to III. 

2. Fam Rei Reiki Levels IV-VII with advanced Tesla Rei Art of Vibrational Healing 


3.  TA Rei Tibetan Priestly Practices levels I to VI, and 

4.  Tesla Rei Art of Vibrational Healing level I             

     the Seminars will be given in Serbian, so for more details about the seminars please go to

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In Serbia: Milica Lalovic-Bozic : email:

Tel:  +381 63 199 0693

In United States, Ljiljana Milosavljevic:

email: Tel:  +1 215 669 8657

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