Energy is all…Cosmos, stars, planets, earth, you, your body.

Energy is everywhere, and just now, we are starting to understand the true nature, and power of Energy.

According to “Cosmogony “ not Cosmology, which are often confused, Energy is everything, the base of all existence, the background Ether, the substance of all life.

Cosmogony is the Science of cosmos, of primordial nature. As any science it has it’s rules and laws but the difference here is, that these are not the laws that we humans made. These are the laws of cosmos, and we can only comply and live with them or ignore them. We depend on them, they do not depend of us. They behave like the law of gravity, If you choose to jump from the third floor apartment, you will fall. There are 22 Cosmic laws about which Pythagoras talked extensively. The first one is the law of Free Will. We are free to choose one way or the another, but the second law of Cosmogony warns us that we will surely face consequences of our choices. This is the law of Karma, or as Jesus said we will collect what we saw.

Cosmogony is the bases of teaching of many religions and many believe systems. Fam Rei Academy Teachings (www: have their roots in this ancient science. The primary goal of Fam Rei Academy Teaching is the study of Energy in al it’s phases and forms, what it is , how it behaves, what are it’s characteristics, how it manifests itself, how fast it moves, and how we can increase it and control it. Tesla wrote also a lot about these concepts in his writing “ On increasing human Energy”.

According to Cosmogony teachings there are three plans of existence:
1. Mental plane
2. Astral plane
3. Physical plane.
We exist in all three planes simultaneously:
1. Mental Plane Word of our Spirit, composed of Akinis ( Laneni’s word for Higgs Boson)
2. Astral Plane World of our Soul (Aikinis)
3. Physical Plane, World of our physical body. ( Atoms)
Each of these three Worlds of existence is governed by it’s own energies
1. Mental World = the strongest, finest, perfect and most powerful Mental Energy.
4. Astral World = two linear Astral energies, Fam Rei and Ta Rei.
3. Physical World = three physical energies, Bioenergy, Prana (vital energy) and Electromagnetic.

Fam Rei Academy during it’s seminars, 9 Levels of Reiki, 6 levels of Tibetan Prickly Practices, 5 levels of Mental Energy, and 4 levels of Tesla Rei Vibrational Medicine, teaches you behavior and how to control and work with all of these 6 types of energies.

In my next article I will talk more specifically about the particular characteristics of two types of Astra energies , Fam Ri and Ta Rei which we use in all seminars but primarily in Reiki. I will talk about what is Reiki in general and what is the major difference between two channels one channel Reiki. Mikao Usui one channel Reiki is very well known and taught worldwide. Important to distinguish is that Fam Rei Energy is two channels energy, based on eternal Circular flow of Primordial laws of Energy. Tesla wrote a lot about this cosmic law in his studies and patents, about the concept, nature and recycling of this two channeled as he called “Free Energy