Ljiljana Milosavljević

Ljiljana Milosavljevic is the Founder and Master Teacher of Fam Rei Academy and Master Teacher of the Grandmaster Reiki Academy. She is also the coordinator of the Grandmaster Reiki Academy in the United States, Serbia, Central America and South America.

Her teachings encompass Fam Rei Reiki, Ta Rei Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices, Gisa Fam Rei acupressure energy practices as well as Tesla Rei scalar electromagnetic technology which has the direct effect on human DNA and the regeneration of our cellular structure.

Over the last three decades, Ljiljana has worked as an international consultant for governments and private companies helping with the privatization of industries and infrastructures, developing diplomatic relationships between countries as well as securing investment. The countries Ljiljana has worked in include United States Morocco, Serbia, Mongolia, China, Russia, the Philippines, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala and Brazil.

Ljiljana has an innate interest in energy healing and has cultivated her practice through studies worldwide with different masters, including her current partner Satya Eo Than. She worked in China in the early 1980s and got to visit Tibet, where she got acquainted with Ancient Tibetan Culture and Medicine. Her ongoing research into Tibetan Studies has had a profound impact on her life and teachings.

Ljiljana has lived on three continents, has traversed the world through her work and studies and speaks numerous languages. She was born in Eastern Serbia, near the sacred mountain Rtanj, where the ancient Danubian culture is still vibrant and alive. She was raised and went to French Lycée in Morocco before moving to the United States to study at Swarthmore College and Harvard University. She now lives in New York.



Sathya Eo’Than

Enlightened Teacher, member of the Society of the “Keepers of Knowledge”, heir of Mikao Usui and Sathya Nanyokari; Grand Master Reiki teacher. Keeper of the tradition of the Original Reiki System “Usui Fam Rei Reiki”. Creator of the Grandmaster Reiki Academy in Europe, Russia and America. Founder of “Grandmaster Reiki Yoga” program. Creator of past life therapy called “Overcoming Tragic Karma”.

His unique teachings based on his personal experiences are practical and enable you to remain youthful, active and enjoy a healthy life.

Sathya believes that a quality education requires individual attention and takes into consideration the personal qualities of each student. He is endowed with a unique healing power and he communicates with his students on their ‘higher self’ level. Sathya teaches his students to think on their own, to question and not to blindly accept someone else’s opinions and algorithms. He creates Masters, rather than apprentices. He is the 21st century Reiki teacher.