Individual Development

Individual Development

Blessings from a Teacher

The blessing is a subtle energy that comes from the Divine purpose of the Soul. Blessings of spiritual teachers have extraordinary power because of the acquired power of their Divinity. They have a very strong influence on our lives. Asking for a blessing is giving the teacher permission to bless and help us, but not to adjust and plan our Karma.

Why do we need a blessing?

Behind any law of the Universe, there is God. The incredible power of a Blessing is explained by the fact that a spiritual teacher becomes a conductor of God’s great strength. Blessings are a true miracle that enable us to experience in our lives something that is impossible according to the laws of this physical world.

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Mental Surgery

Mental surgery is a unique study and experience of the Art of Divine healing, available only to a few highly advanced teachers. This is not a medical practice in a physical sense. The Teacher recreates a lost mental connection of cellular intelligence of the body with the Divine Source.

Consequently, cells regain a new programmed intelligence, which creates changes on a mental level.  We then witness incredible transformations both in the astral and in the physical body.  Cells that have been damaged by stress and chronic exhaustion become rejuvenated, and renewed with the energy and the strength of the Source.

In his sessions, we combine Mental Surgery with Tibetan Priestly Practices, Egyptian and Celtic Priestly Practices, and Grandmaster Reiki Practices.

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Overcoming Tragic Karma

Every unfavorable issue, fear or negative pattern of behavior always has its primal cause in the past, either in childhood, in embryonic stage, or in the previous past lives.

This cause and effect mechanism is called KARMA.

This technique is based on reliving memories that are blocking our consciousness, and are kept in our subconscious mind. When the cause is revealed, one becomes conscious of the root of the problem. The teacher then separates the cause from the current state and the problem vanishes.

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