fountain of life lost in nature



“We are all one, made of four basic elements, solid, fire water and air, connected by alive continuous scalar wave of vibrations often called vacuum , zero point, ether, god, etc.. In this indestructible unlimited space of vibrational energy, our connection with mother Earth and Nature is vital.”

Everything manifested in physical world is made of vibrations, which pulsate at different speed, or particular frequency. Each physical state, each thought, each emotion, each musical note vibrates at its specific frequency.

We also know that cosmos, stars, planets, our earth, our bodies and everything in physical form is composed of four major elements that are present in everything in different proportions.
These four elements are:
1. Solid,
2. Fire
3. Water
4. Air.
These states of being have their own spirits which animate them.
1. Solid = Gnomes
2. Gas, Fire = Sylphas
3. Water = Windins.
4. Air, Ether = Salamanders.

The essential goal of every energy Practice, Reiki, Tibetan Practices, Mental EnergyTesla Energy, Shaman’s Practices or anything else, is learning how to activate and deactivate these four elemental’s spirits in our or other people’s bodies.

Laeni, Atlantan Civilization was particularly aware of the importance of harmonizing these four elements in human body and synchronizing their spirits with the elemental spirits of the earth. They built on four corners of the Earth, four different temples dedicated to each one of these elementals spirits. These temples were not only the temples where they taught and prayed, but also places that stabilized the whole energy of our planet.

These temples were:
1. Shamba’ La, temple of the ground, located in upper part of Nepal, which is the only still active temple to nowadays.
5. Ruma’ La, temple of the fire, located in upper Egypt
6. Yucata’La temple of the water, located in present Yucatan and
7. Azga’La , tempe of the air and the wind, located in Eastern Serbia near Danube. ( pyramid Rtanj).

During Laeni civilization Reiki and other Energy techniques were practices and taught in these temples. These hight vibration power places emitted very strong electromagnetic energy that
worked in resonance with electromagnetic energy of human body. i have made reference to this phenomena of “ Circadian rhyme,”, Nobel prize for medicine for 2017 in the previous article. It is this synchronization of electromagnetic energy of the earth with electromagnetic vibration of the cellular system that regenerated the cells and DNA. It is not surprising that Laeni civilization lived much longer than we do now.

This synchronization of electromagnetic vibrations of the earth and our bodies is vital for human life. The connection with the earth has not only been so important during Laeni civilization but also during our civilization. All ancient cultures, Sumerian, Egyptian, Rig Vedas, Druids etc… used this connection as the channel to reestablishing the balance and vitality to human body.

It is only in later stages of Christianity, and in some other religions that this connection started to be forbidden and later lost. This was particularly true in Japan. Everything that came from the sky, was perfect, pure, the domain of Angels, and everything that came from the ground was associated with evil and devils.

This is why today we have one channel and two channel Reiki. The two channel Reiki was passed down to us by this ancient Lanei civilization. Their connection to the earth and to the Nature was very strong, They believed that the energy circulated in the body through two channels, one ascending coming from the earth and the other descending coming from the sky and going back to the earth. This oval circulation of ascending and descending energy allows the constant renewed energy flow through our bodies, and keeps us in constant synchronized rhyme with the earth.

Two channel original Reiki has been practices for thousands and thousands of years until it got changed in Japan into one channel Reiki. At that time in Japan the connection with the earth was considered as the connection with the devil. Mikao Usiu , who spent time in Shamba’La , originally learnt and practices two channel Reiki, but when he returned to Japan, he had to change his practiced to one channel descending energy channel only. From Japan, one channel Reiki spread to the rest of the world, and that is how today one channel Reiki is practiced and taught in many countries.

Fam Rei Academy teaches two channels Reiki. Also all other energy practices that the Academy teaches use the energy connection with the Earth. Next week I will continue talking more about two channel energy practices, as well as how our bodies through left and right side of the brain and our heart, which acts as large liquid crystal oscillator, synchronize Earth energy with our cellular energy. I will also talk about the “ conscious or meaningful synchronization phenomena” as seen and interpreted from the point of view of C.G.Jung’s work, Tesla Energy experiments and from a few other prominent scientists and philosophers research and writings.