According to Ancient Tibetan scriptures, thousands of years ago, during Laeni ( Atlantean civilization) present Yucatan was called Yucata’La. The legend says that during this ancient time there were four major temples on earth which harmonized the energy of our planet.
Shamba’La – ( the only still active temple ) represented the earth and was located in present northern Napal near lake Rara.
Azga’La the air and wind temple was in Eastern Europe around the river Danube near the artificial pyramid Rtanj, known today as the lungs of the Earth.
Ruma’La, represented the temple of fire and was located in upper Egypt.
Yucata’La – was the temple of water, controlling the emotions of the planet
Fam Rei Academy goal in Yucatan is to revive the power of Yucata’La, this ancient mystical place and make it active and vibrant again.

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